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Handmade, designed and realized.

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About me

What about these dirty thoughts?

I like bodies, hands, curves, edges, sweat, skin.

And manual work, which frees me from the burden of everyday life.

Music, books, galleries and museums. I absolutely need to restore naked bodies, even entangled, in the canon of common beauty, because I like to see them, and I would like to see more of them.


Especially around. Then I embroider them, to make sure they don't fade over time. Or maybe I like the idea of tattooing wearable white canvases.

Shade Nick, pleased to meet you :)

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Collection inspired by my

recent travels

aimed to reach my friends

and their alcoholic reserves.

...& more

Just ask me...!

I embroider almost anything,

of course I accept commissions,

just like a tattoo.

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