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The love for art was transmitted to me, like the disease that Daverio spoke of in “The broken century of the Avant-gardes”.

It passed through my studies by chance and imposed itself on my way of reading the world.


In the vision of the everyday life I find myself searching through what flows around me

looking for references to art; which reassures me.

Even the most unusual situations seem familiar, if I can come back

in this kind of quiet place that the artistic reading of the landscape

manages to recreate in my mind.


There are therefore pieces that have shaped my aesthetic taste, which I know in detail, and others that I have appreciated more deeply by engraving them.

#dirtythoughts: Chi siamo


from Gauguin

10 days later, finally satisfied with the result, I was able to package and deliver this shirt too.

Engraved on linoleum sheet and hand-printed in b / w from the famous painting by Gauguin.

After so many hours spent staring at this painting, you don't know how many beautiful things I found there.

Le delizie



Il Giardino delle Delizie

Bosch more or less

San Valentino

Joseph Lorusso

This year, for Valentine's Day,

someone in my life deserved 

a special gift.

The surprise to see that 

he thought about hands as a focal point for

his gift it was immense.

The original is at the Prado Museum and

I had the chance to admire it in 2017.

After Arearea, which I thought was

difficult to complete,

with this huge #masterpiece

I'm sure I've reached a new

difficulty level.

This is the Garden of Earthly Delights, by H. Bosch.

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