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This collection, characterized by a strong erotic mark was born from my drawings, often inspired by pictures I had the chance to shoot.

I named each t-shirt from this collection

in different italian dialects, they'll be easy to order than to pronounce .

#dirtythoughts: Chi siamo




Now the lines are embroidered, I decided to make them usable

and convenient to take anywhere.


The names of the pieces are different dialects, but don't panic - they will be easier to order than to pronounce.

Spoiler: they could become

your favorite t-shirts.



Forget about me

A hug, yours? Or the one I give myself

every day, to satisfy me?


Baptized by a tear of salt.



Hold Me tight

When everything loses its meaning,

the only vibration comes from

damp skin.

An artist told me to iron these t-shirts - you were right.



I'm drowning

It might have been wet with salt or sweat,

but this time it was condensation

from a beer on the beach.

The golden light meets the curve of the sand

and lets the colors blend

Miiame Megiu

Miami Megiu

Check it out

You may not guess its depth

at first glance,

but I would know how to convey it with a caress.


The first rain drips

and new projects are born.



Light rain

We were kissing

when you asked me for a leap of faith,

a promise of possession.


I could only hang from your shining eyes.

Sott 'ncopp

Sott 'ncopp

Upside Down

Scooters look like fish in the sea,

here, they slide away from those who walk by.

Between vrenzole and traders,

the peeping eye is always watching.

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